This web site needs to be dedicated to two people in particular. Neither is with us any longer:

Peter Jordan (aka “PJ”)


PJ was the first President of Maidstone Mountaineering Club, which he and I helped launch in 1977. It was PJ who gave me the first copy of Zardini’s guide to the Road, as a birthday present, and so it was he who set me off on the quest which has become this web site.

Butch Hill

Frederick “Butch” Hill (always, but always known as Butch) introduced me to the Dolomites in about 1986. It was with him, on that first visit that I drove the length of the Road, from Cortina to Bolzano, stopping only for a detour to the Sella Pass and a thoroughly scary excursion on to the Funffingerspitze of the Langkoffel. We survived to make several more visits together to the Dolomites.

I wrote about him
here in one of my blogs, and miss him a great deal. Do read the follow up comments to that blog, too.